Thursday, 16 January 2014

Out with the Old

First things first - Happy New Year / 恭贺新禧  to all!

We're going to pretend that I have pre-meditatively decided to publish this first post of 2014 perfectly situated between the Western and Eastern New Year celebrations like the delicious filling of a Christmas leftovers sandwich, and not that I'm frantically trying to catch up with post-holiday life.

Interestingly, this time of year also marks the TWO YEAR (!) anniversary of this little corner of the interwebz, a marker of that time I decided to turn my love of food into some sometimes-coherent long-form ramblings dotted with shoddy iPhone pictures, and I can hardly believe it.

Time flies when you stuff your face.

Or something.

Most importantly of all, 2014 will bring changes to this space.

A reflective realization of my own personal preferences regarding reading online (alliterations FTW) combined with the reality that every '2014 Projections' piece I encounter tolls the death knell of "The Blog", I have recognized that this format is broke.

So I'm fixin' it.

Stay tuned.

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