Friday, 1 November 2013


So I've been keeping a little somethin' somethin' under my hat, but it's time to spill:

I recently started a little project I'm calling  SHANGHAI SUPPERCLUB.

The gist is this:

1. Everyone loves a dinner party (because, well, science) but no one has the time or space to host, and 2. this city is filled with the most interesting people who are begging (not literally, although we can pretend) to be brought together around a table.

We are that table.

SHANGHAI SUPPERCLUB  hosts monthly private dinner parties that bring an always new mix of people together around one table, combining chef collaborations with changing locations for one-off events.

We have only had one dinner so far, but exciting things are in the works - if you're here in Shanghai, please do sign up below and join us for a meal and new mates:

S H A N G H A I   S U P P E R C L U B


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