Friday, 3 May 2013

Muslim Market

Welp, another fun and uniquely Shanghai tradition has apparently been given the ol' cease-and-desist.

Thanks to the eagle eyes (and steely stomachs) of That's Shanghai, who are conveniently located around the corner, news has broken that Friday's weekly Muslim Market on Changde Lu has been shut down...

...because neighbors have complained.

All I can say is, really? Loud noises? Obstruction of traffic? In SHANGHAI?! Surely not.

It's really too bad - where will we find such a charming collection of families catching up, eating, playing together? Where we get our pumpkin dumpling fix?? Anyway. Fingers crossed it's only a momentary hiatus as opposed to a permanent closure.

A quick you-googly to the magical Muslim Market, in photos:

Hand-slicing cold noodles.

'The Enabler'. A stickler for quality chuar.

Life-changing pumpkin dumplings. Nay, pumpkin 'satchels'.

Shaving ice to be topped with yogurt and honey water for a refreshing dessert.

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