Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Trotter Bar

Almost a month ago, I went to the opening of The Trotter Bar, the new boozy baby brother of the KIN/Grumpy Pig family.

Much like the newly-refurbed restaurant it is located behind, the bar is dashingly hipster-ready with exposed brick and bic-a-brac lining its walls. Bare lightbulbs swing from hanging cords and the wallpaper is just busy enough to hypnotize you into a stupor.

Or that could have been the drinks.

Hence the quality of the photos - apologies.

It delivers killer cocktails - think Newman's Left Hand, a "negroni meets a Manhattan, gangsta style" - and even more devious small dishes, like the crispy tonkatsu bites they were passing at the opening that tasted like pork nuggets on crack.

Best of all, it takes advantage of the owner Gary Wang's knowledge of music - you can get lost in the tunez on a Saturday night and come back for DJ lessons on Sunday. The light-filled space, thanks to the greenhouse-glassed roof, isn't the worse place to enjoy a coffee the morning after a not-so-quiet night.

Although by now it's almost old news, I just wanted to herald the arrival of a new little haunt.

Here's to The Trotter, and here's to Shanghai:

The Trotter Bar
Behind the Grumpy Pig
65-4 Maoming Bei Lu, near Yan'an Lu

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