Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nom Nom Dessert Bar

PSA: If you are a fan of cookies, ice cream, booze, or some combination thereof, can I have your attention please.

Nom Nom Dessert Bar, a joint venture from Lexie Comstock of Strictly Cookies fame and gelato purveyors Snow Maple Desserts, is now in business.

Shanghai's first "Dessert Bar" opened last night to much fanfare and many sugar shakes. The minimalist space, located on the ground floor of the Metrobank building (ever-too-conveniently across a lot from a great Dongbei spot) is maximal in sugar, with ingenius fusions of the founders' offerings on the menu.

You can choose from Lexie's signature cookies (to be washed down with Baileys milk), Snow Maple's gelato, or smash them together in an ice cream sandwich, in combinations like chocolate-cookie-with-peanut-butter for a riff on a Reese's or chocolate-chip-with-vanilla for you Puritans out there.

And, as if they needed a kicker, they have cookie milkshakes, with or without bourbon. Let me restate: COOKIE. MILKSHAKES. BOURBON. Game over.

Yeah, you read that right.

If not in a cookie mood (god help you), they also have wonderful waffles in sugar or matcha, both studded with sugar chunks, that you can smother in even more gelato.

Lexie, sampling some of the goods. (Notice her babeshow of a mother in the background).

At the opening I consumed more cookies and waffles than I'm comfortable disclosing - suffice it to say I'm still on a sugar high.

The team, [who shouldn't be] surprised at their smashing success.

And although I'm still in mourning for March because April means the end of the PB&J Cookie, rumor is that the new Cookie of the Month might have added caffeine...

Now back to work.

Nom Nom Dessert Bar
1/F Metrobank Plaza
1160 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu
French Concession

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