Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lately, Belatedly

And again.

It's been just over a month since my last post.

Summer just seems to slip away, sweeping you up in its alternately blissfully golden and oppressively atmospheric stream of activity - the season seems constantly around the bend until it's already gone.

This is especially true of a London summer, where the weather just won't cooperate, and so summer isn't summer without effort. London's already-overwhelming offerings treble and chasing one-off or seasonal happenings, downpour or no, can easily become a full-time pursuit. In trying to balance the crazy calendar and some semblance of normalcy, time has trickled on.

So - in lieu of more words, sometimes as oppressive as the close summer air -  a month in images:

The set of a lifetime from The Maccabees:

Hitting up the Pitt Cue trailer, now back on Southbank (hellooo, "mac'n'cini"):

Lucy Chip's ridiculously-rich soft-shell special "The Life Aquatic Burger":

Brunch at the inventive and always-delicious The Modern Pantry:

Saturday morning spent canal-side at Towpath:

A minimal meal Upstairs at the Ten Bells (#nofilter):

 THE picnic at Henley:

Jessica Rankin's filigree at the White Cube, Hoxton Square:

A long-overdue return to Polpo:

A (few) great meal(s!) at the ever-brilliant Brawn:

A morning wander through Hackney City Farm:

Jewel-like smoked salmon from Hansen + Lydersen at Broadway Market:

Saturday-morning-in-a-bowl at La Bouche:

And a reluctant egg at The Lansdowne:


(For now).

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