Friday, 20 April 2012

Mooli's in the Morning

After hearing the chatter on Twitter about lunchtime standby's Mooli's new morning menu (Mooli's really knows how to work their social media), I knew I had to get down to give their breakfast wares a whirl.

For coffee, the center of or replacement for any self-respecting media type's morning meal, Mooli's was offering a goats' milk latte - done deal. After recently reading so much about the dubious nature of modern commercially-processed soy products (GMOs, high environmental impact, estrogen, sweeteners - scary stuff!), I was keen to try this more recommended alternative to (again, scary) processed cows' milk.

But enough preaching - on to the main event.

Mooli's has adapted their usual formula - a kati roll, which I can only describe as closest to an Indian burrito, the simplest and best of which I had at legendary Khan Chacha in Delhi - to breakfast with 3 new mini 'moolis', featuring either goan spicy sausage with masala potatoes and chilli jam; smoked bacon with paneer, apple and chilli chutney; or spiced egg and pickle. Ordered together, marked on the menu as "the full mooli" for a mere £5.50, you get all the tastes of a traditional English breakfast taken to the subcontinent - well-played.

I chose the seemingly straightforward egg bhurji to sneakily test Mooli's mettle - everything is good with sausage or bacon (duh) - along with the intriguing and irresistible latte. It was very good - their usual wheaty roti wrapped around spiced scrambled eggs, which would have been bland without the addition of cinnamon-y pickled cucumber and onion. The combination worked surprisingly well - just interesting enough for the mini roll (if bacon or sausage, the small size would have been a large problem!).

The latte was downright delicious - the token tangy taste of goat adding to the earthy flavor of the coffee. Alongside almond milk, goats' milk might have to become a fixture in this fridge.

What with new morning lassi flavors - banana, mango and ginger, coffee and cinnamon, oh my! - and a nutmeg-spiked cracked wheat porridge, to be ordered with pineapple poached with star anise as recommended by the be-dreaded front man, there's more to be had from here.

All in all, a great breakfast for a (finally!) sunny Friday.

Only next time, I'll go the Full Mooli.

50 Frith Street, Soho, W1D 4SQ

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