Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lucky Chip at the Sebright Arms

A few friends and I were looking for a laid back spot for a bite of dinner and a deluge of drinks, and someone suggested the Sebright Arms.

I had never really realized that this old East End boozer, down a side street off of the Hackney Road, was such a characterful place, filled with a young crowd pulling on pints of Meantime or of Brooklyn brews. The selection of real ale alone was an auspicious sign, but with a whiff of truffle oil in the air, I clocked the reason we were there - this pedestrian pub currently has Lucky Chip burger bar in residence.

I'd seen the shiny silver textured trailer at Netil Market most Saturdays, but I always manage to bundle my way up Broadway Market, eating so much along the way that I am fairly full by the time I reach Netil's sidestreet lot. After having finally sampled the goods I now realize the horrific mistake I've been making.

So back in the Sebright, we settled into an outside table (although the room off of the main bar looks surprisingly well-decorated and cozy to settle into for a burger binge) for some serious decision-making. The menu was extensive and I have heard vicious rumors about some of the punnily-named selections - "Jeff Bridges True Grit" (bacon, bourbon-glazed apple, grits, BBQ sauce) and even the elusive "Bill Murray Life Aquatic Surf and Turf” (fried soft-shell crab (!!!), cheese, guac, spring onion, spicy mayo, sweet chilli ginger sauce) - but we all went for the weekly special, the infamous classic "John Travolta Royale wit Cheese" (bacon, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, homemade burger sauce).

And a classic it was. When the burgers were finally delivered to our table, we marveled in the glory of the stacks, loaded with your traditional burger fixin's. The buns seemed homemade, and the burgers were blushing and dripping with juice. Picturesque perfection.

We had also ordered some fries, both trad with truffle oil and chilli cheese fries. The chilli cheese fries were exceptional, with a perfect ratio of super-spicy chilli to fries (read: an equal amount of both), but the stars of the show were undoubtedly the truffled guys - the (admittedly super-salty, even for someone with a salt-tooth!) skin-on fries were amazingly crispy with the deepest taste of truffles. Although there was debate of whether or not the Royale managed to topple Meatliquor's crown, the fries were deemed undisputed winners compared to the reigning burger king's.

We weren't left with much:

And all of this washed down with a new favorite, Redchurch Brewery's Shoreditch Blonde. Appropriate, no?

So with a new brew for summer and after countless weekends of not knowing what I was missing, I'm just so glad I now know to hold my hunger until into I reach Netil's yard.

Lucky me.

Sebright Arms
31-35 Coate Street, Shoreditch E2 9AG

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