Monday, 2 April 2012


Birthdays can be...a little much.

Much planning in advance, much blush-inducing fuss on the day, hopefully not too much wide-eyed pretended pleasure at misguided gifts - sometimes they just don't seem worth the effort. Almost the only thing that makes a birthday worthwhile is the promise of much cake.

This year I had one of the most effortless birthdays, so thank you to all who made my birthday special this year but especially to my always-thoughtful mother who had the most stunning cake delivered to the office, baked by one of my favorites, Lily Vanilli. If you haven't yet succumbed to her hole-in-the-alley shop on a Sunday after browsing the flowers of Columbia Road (or battling through tourists, as the case may be), prepare to get stuffed and smiling.

As pictured below, it was a work of art and tasted even better - my colleagues all contracted Tourettes in trying to describe how delicious it was.

Thank you, Maj!

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